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My story starts over four years ago with a hairstyle gone bad. Like most black women, having “good” hair was important to me. Ever since I got my first relaxer, my hair was never the same. In 2013 I got my first sew-in; however, little did I know, I was allergic to the hair that was used. What remained of my real hair was damaged and dry; therefore, after two weeks of having the hair in, the only thing to do was to cut it off and start over.

Fast forward to 2017, after trying dozens of products, I decided it was time to make my own. While researching different ingredients, I learned about all the skin and hair benefits of shea, coconut oil, and other carrier oils. What started as me wanting to put my hair care in my own hands has turned into sharing what I know and love with all those around me.

After countless trials and errors and having my friends and family test my products, Simply Made Basics was born! I made Simply Made Basics out of necessity, which is at the foundation of all my products. Every product created satisfies a need we all have—be it dry skin, chapped lips, or hair breakage. Each product is handmade by myself, and in small batches to ensure quality. All the ingredients used are ethically sourced and specially selected for their unique healing properties. I stand by all my products, as everything I make I use daily.  

If four years ago you asked where I wanted to be, I would have never guessed I’ll be here. I was finishing up my Masters in Adult Learning at Cleveland State University, and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. But as they say, the greatest products come from a need, and I found a need.

Thank you for shopping, and I hope you all enjoy Simply Made Basics as much as I do!



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